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Meltdown Survival Guide

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Meltdown Survival Guide

Mom on the Spectrum
46 ratings

A 14-page booklet you can use as a guide to better understand autistic meltdowns and how to recover from them. Topics include:

What is An Autistic Meltdown?

The Autonomic Nervous System in People on the Spectrum

Meltdown vs. Shutdown

Potential Meltdown Triggers

Signs You're in a Meltdown

Sensory Regulation and Recovery Techniques

Panic Attack/Total Shutdown Recovery Techniques

Helpful Products and Resources

Anticipating Future Meltdowns

Reflection Questions for Personal Growth

The Big Autistic Resource Guide

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You'll get two booklets in PDF format: one full color, the other a black and white copy that is fully left-aligned and includes image descriptions for easier accessibility.


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