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I designed this scavenger hunt with autistic kids in mind. We used it to surprise our kids with a trip to Disney, but I've made this set customizable so you can use it just to add some magic to your day!

Since I know that all kids on the spectrum are unique, I've created many options below so you can tailor them to fit your family's needs.

Options include (all are included in download):

  • Black and white/grayscale version that's easier to read (and easier on your printer!)
  • One version with fun fonts and one with simpler, easier-to-read fonts including Open Dyslexic, a font designed to aid dyslexic people
  • Blank cards to create your own
  • A version without numbered clues in case there are any that would be confusing to your child or you don't have the location mentioned in the clue
  • A "final surprise" announcement card with a blank section where you can write something else in if you're not going to Disney World and just want to have a fun scavenger hunt


  • Laminate your cards if you plan on reusing them
  • If your child needs more help understanding where to go, you can write the answer on the back of the card
  • Ask an older sibling to read the clues aloud

For more tips and resources for autistic living, check out my YouTube channel at youtube.com/MomOnTheSpectrum. I'd love to connect with you and learn more about your story!

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A 14-page set of customizable Disney Scavenger Hunt clues and Final Surprise Announcement Page. Every variation listed in the description is included with each download.

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