The Big Autistic Resource Guide (BARG)

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This 47-page guide is your one-stop-resource for discovering autistic creators, businesses, products, services, autism evaluation info, online tests, and more (see Table of Contents below).

The BARG is free to be featured in (more info below) and I plan to update it regularly. I'd love to see it grow to be the size of a phone book (anyone remember those?) BUT it takes a lot of time and energy to keep it going.

Please consider making a donation to keep this project going.

It is available as a free download because it is important to me that the autistic community can access resources without paying out of pocket if needed. The suggested donation is $4. If you find yourself in a financial situation that allows you to cover that cost for another member of our community, please consider doubling you contribution. You can edit your donation amount in the payment box on this page. (If you need to download for free, enter "0" in the payment box).

For context, 70% of people who download the BARG download it for free. This makes me happy, and also makes your donations important. Thank you!

Table of Contents

Autistic YouTubers

Autistic Social Media Accounts

Autistic Businesses

Autistic Products and Services

Autism Evaluations

Helpful Websites

Online Communities

Suggested Reading


Resources for Parents

Resources for Professionals

Mental Health Resources

Organizational Tools (To-Do Lists and Planner sheets - woo hoo!)

To submit a feature request for the BARG, email PLEASE INCLUDE URLS FOR SUGGESTED CONTENT.

Check back for updated versions as more features become available!

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Thank you for your support. It allows me to continue creating unique resources for our community, and I love doing it.

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You'll receive the Big Autistic Resource Guide in PDF format and BONUS CONTENT: printable organization tools (to-do lists, planner sheets, etc. found at the end of the guide).

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The Big Autistic Resource Guide (BARG)

93 ratings
I want this!